Emerson Burkhart – 'Mexican Seascape'
32 x 44, oil on canvas, signed ll, 'E Burkhart ‘65'. 

Burkhart chose on several occasions to escape the cold Columbus winters and travel to Mexico to paint.  He loaded his car with all the canvas and other supplies he would need and drove for many days to reach his destination.  Once there, the warm sunshine, multiple vistas and majestic colors inspired him to paint the Mexican landscape as he saw it.  This exceptionally large and colorful seascape depicts an area likely along the west coast of Mexico not far from Guadalajara further inland.  Photographs do not do this painting justice as it simply jumps off the canvas when viewed in person.  
Emerson Burkhart – 'Farm on the River'
1941 verso, but likely painted earlier, 12 x 16, oil on canvas, signed lower left.

Like many young artists, Burkhart invested time early in his career experimenting with different styles. This piece is such an example. According to an inscription on the back, it was given to Paul Yeager by Burkhart in 1942 and states it was 'painted in class'. Burkhart was painting on his own at the time and was not referring to painting in class in 1942. Excellent condition. 

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Emerson Burkhart – 'Hong Kong Harbor'
1965, 24 x 36, oil on canvas, signed lower left.

This wonderful painting captures the hot, thick, humid air and breathtaking vista from the mountains surrounding Hong Kong. The pastel hues are well chosen and make this a painting one never tires of viewing. Excellent condition.

Burkhart Gallery Eight

Emerson Burkhart – 'Man From Calcutta', 1959
16 x 20, oil on board, signed lower right.

This painting was made during Burkhart's first overseas with the International School of America. It demonstrates his proficiency at portraiture, capturing the personality and character of this poor peasant. Excellent condition.
Emerson Burkhart – 'Finale', 1969
11 x 14, oil on canvas, signed lower left.

One of his last paintings completed prior to his death in 1969, 'Finale' is a colorful study of a Canadian sunset in late August produced solely with palette knife. Excellent condition.
Emerson Burkhart –'Hoover Lake' 18 x 24
Oil on board, signed lower right.

This bright piece is typical of Burkhart's outdoor scenes painted in the last few years of his life. He spent much of the decade of the '60's interpreting a variety of landscapes throughout Delaware County, one of his favorite locales. 
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Emerson Burkhart – Poe Phantasy
circa 1930's, 24 x 30, oil on canvas, signed verso.

Many of Burkhart's works from this period were allegorical depictions. He was influenced in part by the art of the Renaissance. At this time in his career Burkhart tended to favor themes celebrating the achievements of man and the human potential to improve life for all mankind. This is especially evident in his WPA commissioned Stillman Hall murals at Ohio State which are filled with the giants of literature, science, politics and exploration.Burkhart was a life-long learner, avid reader, and was proud of his extensive personal library. He consumed the classics with gusto and had a particular affection for the writings of Edgar Allen Poe.Burkhart's works from the 1930's are seldom seen on the market. This is an excellent and rare example of one of his better efforts. Excellent condition.