How to Sell Art on

Sellers:  If you have quality art you would like to sell, simply get in touch with us by e-mail at and include the following:

• Good quality, high resolution digital photographs of the front and back of the piece as well as a close up of the artist's signature 

• A detailed description of the piece including artist's name, title of artwork, dimensions, media used, condition, your suggested price, provenance and/or exhibition history and any other supporting documents of potential interest to buyers

We will review your submission and inform you by e-mail if we plan to accept the piece for listing on our site. Not sure how to price a piece of art? No problem. We'll be glad to give you our opinion regarding the fair market value of your art.

If we agree to list your work(s), the following terms will apply: 

​​• Seller will make a payment of $95 prior to the listing going 'live' on the site. The listing will be in effect for a maximum of 180 days. Payment for the listing (by check) will be due at the time we both sign a consignment agreement which spells out the terms and conditions of possession and sale of your works.  The consignment agreement is sent to all clients for their review who have decided to list their works with us.  

• Seller agrees to send the art to us, insured at replacement value and at sellers' expense. We will hold the art for the duration of the listing. If unsold, we will either return the piece at the end of the listing period or, if sold, send it to the purchaser. Shipping and insurance will be paid to us by the seller for the return of any unsold pieces. Payment must be made (by check) before we will return seller's art. We will advise seller of this cost by e-mail prior to shipment. 

​• At the end of the buyers return window, we will forward payment to the seller minus 20% commission of the purchase price.

By listing art for sale with us, sellers acknowledge they have read, understand and agree to the terms above as well as the consignment agreement.
Emerson Burkhart, 'House of the Seven Palms -
Virgin Islands' 1963, oil on canvas.