Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait Fishing’
Oil on canvas, 36 x 24, signed lower right ‘58. Excellent condition.

Burkhart was an avid fisherman and spent many hours fishing at local lakes, especially Hoover Reservoir.  Although not specifically identified as being painted at this location, it is a good bet that this is where he is depicting himself.  What strikes us is the excellent expression he presents as he waits with anticipation to see the large fish that is obviously on the other end of his line.  It is one of the best self-portraits we have seen of Burkhart from the late 1950’s when this work was done. This painting is listed as number 103 in the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts in 1970.

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The Jaeger Gallery was established to showcase paintings from this important collection. These works come directly from the artist’s holdings at the time of his death as well as several purchased by Mr. Jaeger during Burkhart’s adult life. As the founder of the International School of America, Mr. Jaeger encouraged Burkhart to become the Artist in Residence for the School's global studies program from 1959 to the mid 1960's. This was an especially prolific period in Burkhart’s life as a painter. The works offered in the Jaeger Gallery today focus on subjects Burkhart found to be most inspiring including self-portraits, Central Ohio street scenes and suburban landscapes, among others.  

Jaeger Gallery One

​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Ferry Boat, Caspian Sea’  
Oil on canvas, 19 x 23, signed lower right.  Excellent condition.  
Price: $3,750

This is a wonderful rendering of a ferry boat on the Caspian Sea that Burkhart painted while serving as Artist-in-Residence on the International School of America trip in 1966.  The work was included in the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts in 1970 and is noted as #143 in the exhibition catalog.

Emerson Burkhart – ‘Houses on Hill - Tunis’  
Oil on canvas, 29 ½ x 47 ½, signed, lower left. Excellent condition.  
Price: $5,500

This large scale painting exemplifies Burkhart’s ability to take a busy, colorful landscape and render it in a manner that is full of vitality and aesthetically pleasing.  Some of his best ISA work was done during the trip in 1965.  It was highly thought of By Karl Jaeger and he chose to include it in the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition in 1970.  It is noted as number 137 in the exhibition catalog and is reproduced with a half page color plate.  

​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Professor Hubert – Ohio Wesleyan University’
Oil on canvas, 30 x 20, signed u.l. Emerson Burkhart ‘57’. Unframed, excellent condition.

Burkhart painted a variety of portraits over the course of his career. His subjects included the famous (Carl Sandburg, Marilyn Monroe) and many notable Columbus men and women of the mid-century including academic figures such Professor Hubert.  Although we don’t know if this was a commission, we do know that Burkhart graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University.  Perhaps Professor Hubert was a young instructor at the time Burkhart attended OWU in the
​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Back Yard, July 17, 1943’
Oil on canvas, 18 x 26, unsigned but with session slashes and dated by the artist’s hand, verso.  Excellent condition.  
Price: $8,500

Some of Burkhart’s most treasured paintings depict landscapes and street scenes around Central Ohio.  His best works in this genre were painted during the 1940’s and early ’50’s.  This is a wonderful example of the backyards behind the homes in Burkhart’s eastside neighborhood, Woodland Park.  There are very few examples of this quality that come to the market.  You should consider this a rare and exceptional opportunity to own such a work.