Emerson Burkhart -  ‘Three Children Street Scene’ 
10 x 14, oil on board, signed lr, “Emerson Burkhart’.  Circa early 1950’s  Excellent condition  
​ ​

We have seen many well executed street scenes by Burkhart but this one is a gem and was also painted during the period when he was producing some of his most important work.  The detail he chose to depict in this scene is amazing.  This is clearly one of the hardscrabble neighborhoods in Columbus.  The emerging greens used in the foreground suggest this is a late winter, early spring scene.  This is a great opportunity to own a superb smaller street scene at a very reasonable price. 

Burkhart Gallery Ten

Emerson Burkhart –'The President’s House' 
16 x 20, oil on cardboard, signed lower left.  


Burkhart painted a variety of dwellings from tenement housing, wood frame homes and store fronts among other subjects of this genre. The consignor has said this particular work was painted at a local university but we cannot positively identify the building or location. The style depicted in this work suggests it was painted during the late 1940’s or early 1950’s.  It is in excellent condition. 

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Emerson Burkhart – 'Self-Portrait Outdoors at Easel'
16 1/4 x 14, oil on canvas, Signed ll, 'Emerson C. Burkhart'.  Dated July 23, 1952, “Relativity” ECB – With four session stripes verso.  Excellent condition. 


As many know, Burkhart was his favorite model because , “I am always here and always cheap!”  He depicted himself in as many as 400 paintings over the course of his career as an artist. This is a nice example of a work that he thought enough of at the time to actually title, “Relativity.”  The colors are vibrant and the fact that it was loosely painted anticipates his style most prevalent in the late 1950’s and ‘60’s.  It is in excellent condition and ready to hang.

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Emerson Burkhart – ‘Early Spring Country Landscape with Barn’ 
10 x 14, oil on canvas, signed lr, ‘E. Burkhart’ Excellent Condition. 

Here is a delightful work painted by Burkhart on April 8, 1954 as noted verso on the canvas.  He also invested five sessions as noted from his individual brushstrokes, also verso.  We especially like the juxtaposition of the emerging green vegetation against the backdrop of trees yet to wake from their winter sleep.  The painting is fresh to the market and was given to the mother of the consignor who studied art under the direction of Burkhart. It is very well priced and would be a great addition to any collection focusing on realism and American art of the mid-century. 

Emerson Burkhart – 'At the Beach', 1955
9 x 12, oil on board.

This small gem is representative of Burkhart's ability to render figures with a minimum of paint and knife strokes. Burkhart is best known for his figurative street scenes. Excellent condition.

Emerson Burkhart – ‘House of the Seven Palms’

1963, 21 x 26, oil on canvas, signed lower left.


This painting was created during one of Burkhart's early overseas trips with the International School of America. His skill with the palette knife is readily evident in this very colorful painting. Excellent condition.