​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait with Open Mouth’
Oil on canvas, 30 x 20, signed lower right. Excellent condition.

In one of the more outlandish self-portraits he painted, Burkhart treats himself in this close up with an expression of surprise or perhaps overconfidence while arguing with someone we cannot see.  His mastery of detail and bold, confident use of paint further illustrates his ability to render the human face with emotion.
Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait as a Guru’
Oil on canvas, 22 ½ x 19, signed upper right ’66.  Excellent condition.

Burkhart was curious about hippies and the counter culture revolution of the Vietnam era.  Although he was never a serious follower, he was sympathetic to society’s ills and the need to challenge convention and support those who were strong in their convictions to change the world for the better.  In this painting, he fancies himself as a long haired guru, who is looked upon as a sage advisor in tune with contemporary challenges.  
Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait with a Full Face’
Oil on canvas, 14 x 10, unsigned. Excellent condition

One of the iconic late period self-portraits that was included in the Burkhart biography authored by Michael Hall is this work.  He rendered himself as he imagined he might look if overly nourished and a bit portly.  What strike us are his eyes, soulful and without energy.  It is simply a coincidence that he only had several months to live when he painted this self-portrait?  It was also selected for the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts in 1970 and is noted in the catalog as number 153. 

Jaeger Gallery Six

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The Jaeger Gallery was established to showcase paintings from this important collection. These works come directly from the artist’s holdings at the time of his death as well as several purchased by Mr. Jaeger during Burkhart’s adult life. As the founder of the International School of America, Mr. Jaeger encouraged Burkhart to become the Artist in Residence for the School's global studies program from 1959 to the mid 1960's. This was an especially prolific period in Burkhart’s life as a painter. The works offered in the Jaeger Gallery today focus on subjects Burkhart found to be most inspiring including self-portraits, Central Ohio street scenes and suburban landscapes, among others.  

Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait with Plaid Shirt’
Oil on canvas, 30 x 20, signed upper left. Excellent condition.

Another interesting self-portrait is this example of Burkhart expressing himself as a wildly dressed eccentric, painted in 1967.  This particular work made the cut and was exhibited at the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts in 1970.  It is listed in the catalog as number 146.

​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait with Nude in Background’
Oil on canvas, 30 x 20, unsigned and unframed. Excellent condition.

This is one of the few self-portraits Burkhart painted with other elements included in the work.  We estimate this example was painted around 1960.