​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Figures in Landscape’
Oil on canvas, 22 x 28, 1941, unsigned. Excellent condition.

During the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, Burkhart was still attempting to find his artistic voice and devoted time to exploring themes that aligned with his interests such as Medieval history and Christian art produced by the masters of the Middle Ages.   There are very few examples of works such as these and they almost never come to market.  You should view these as “must have” examples for Burkhart collectors who desire to own important works that span the entirety of his career.  

Jaeger Gallery Seven

The Jaeger Gallery was established to showcase paintings from this important collection. These works come directly from the artist’s holdings at the time of his death as well as several purchased by Mr. Jaeger during Burkhart’s adult life. As the founder of the International School of America, Mr. Jaeger encouraged Burkhart to become the Artist in Residence for the School's global studies program from 1959 to the mid 1960's. This was an especially prolific period in Burkhart’s life as a painter. The works offered in the Jaeger Gallery today focus on subjects Burkhart found to be most inspiring including self-portraits, Central Ohio street scenes and suburban landscapes, among others.  

​Emerson Burkhart – ‘Young Asian Girl in Scarf’
Oil on canvas, 14 x 18, unsigned. Excellent condition.

Burkhart painted many individuals while traveling with the ISA overseas.  This work is a charming depiction of a Southeast Asian woman while on one of these excursions.  It is in excellent condition and ready to hang.   

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Emerson Burkhart – ‘Self-Portrait Standing by a Stream’
Oil on canvas, 36 x 24, unsigned. Excellent condition.

A man of many moods and expressions, Burkhart takes time to show us he may be a bit malnourished and punctuates this with a soft scowl.  This work was likely painted in the early 1950’s and compares favorably with other works of the period.  
Emerson Burkhart – ‘Mythology Figures’
Oil on canvas, 30 ½ x 24, signed lower right 1941. Excellent condition.

This is one of two Medieval genre scenes offered here that are rare and highly desirable.  We recommend either of these paintings available here as they represent the only examples of his works of this style and from this period that have become available on the market in many years.  
Emerson Burkhart – ‘Two Girls on Street’
Oil on canvas, 22 x 32, signed lower right ‘59. Excellent condition.

This work was painted in Boston prior to the departure of the faculty and students on the first ISA trip in 1959.  Although the identities of the women are unknown, they may be students who participated in the first global journey.  It may well be the painting noted as, ‘Street, Boston’ (number 113) in the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition held at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts in 1970.