Emerson Burkhart –'Japanese School Girls '
24 x 30, oil on canvas, signed lower right.

This important Burkhart painting does a superb job of capturing the structured essence of Japanese culture. Painted while on the ISA Tour in 1965, the piece depicts young ladies, in matching uniforms, walking in formation down a road. Their school may well be the building situated on the hillside center background.
Emerson Burkhart – “Self-Portrait – The Bank Teller”
16 x 12, oil on board, unsigned. Title on verso, circa 1957.

Burkhart was his “favorite model”, always there and always cheap! By his own count, he estimated by the early 1960's that he likely had painted his likeness on more than 400 occasions. Several times, most notably during the 1950's, Burkhart would fancy himself as some other character in self-portraits such as these. They included the pugilist, the thinker, the sheriff, the bank teller and others.

Emerson Burkhart – “Portrait of a Young Lady”
29 x 21, oil on canvas, signed lower left. 

Burkhart was known to ask students traveling with him during ISA overseas trips to pose for portraits. This attractive young lady did so at one of the more exotic locales on their itinerary. 

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Emerson Burkhart – “Mediterranean Harbor Scene”
32 x 40, oil on canvas, signed lower left.

This large harbor scene is a well executed painting completed while traveling with the International School of America. Burkhart was the artist-in-residence on this trip in 1963 as well as several others during the decade of the '60's.

Burkhart Gallery Six

Emerson Burkhart –'Sunny Day on a Country Road'
10 x 14, oil on panel, signed lower left.

This is a thoroughly delightful and highly desirable Burkhart street scene. He has adeptly captured the milky, hazy atmosphere of a Central Ohio summer day. You can almost feel the dust from the gravel road and the sun beating down on your brow. Burkhart painted many of his better street scenes during the 1950’s and although not dated, it was most likely painted during this period. 
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Emerson Burkhart –'North Africa Park Scene'
32 x 40, oil on canvas, signed lower right.

Of all the exotic locales Burkhart visited during his overseas travels, one of his favorites was North Africa. This piece was most likely executed in either Tunis or Cairo in 1963. It is especially colorful and full of energy. The whimsical nature of Burkhart fully presents itself in this work. If you look closely into the bark of the tree, you will notice that he “carved” his initials into the trunk by resigning the painting.