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Emerson Burkhart – ‘Still Life of Basket with Fruit’
Oil on canvas, 18 x 24, signed lower right. Excellent condition.

Burkhart found joy in the simplest of subjects.  If they were readily available around his home, colorful or with other aesthetic value, they were fair game for his canvas.  This is a delightful and well rendered painting that would be a nice addition to any collection of Burkhart works.  

Emerson Burkhart - 'Dirt Road at Hoover Dam' 1968

18 x 24, oil on board, signed lower left, E Burkhart and verso, E. Burkhart 13 Oct. 68. Excellent condition $2,150


Burkhart loved painting in Delaware County, and especially at Hoover Reservoir. He could be frequently found painting colorful autumn landscapes, as this painting depicts. We have handled several of Burkhart's autumn motif paintings. This is one of the most colorful examples we have seen in recent years and it comes in one of his signature homemade frames. 

Emerson Burkhart - 'East Main at Champion​

24 x 30, oil on canvas, Signed lr, 'E Burkhart 69'
Excellent Condition $5,500

Here is one of Burkhart's last larger street scenes painted just months prior to his death in 1969. This was one of his favorite areas of town in which to paint. Foot traffic and commerce are depicted here with the pizza restaurant, Oakley Cleaners, and many pedestrians who are going about their business. This outstanding example of his work is painted in a bright palette and would be an excellent addition to any Burkhart collection.

Emerson Burkhart – ‘Green House with Red and Orange Trim’
Oil on board, 20 x 24, signed lower right, E. Burkhart Oct. ‘55’.  Excellent condition.
Price: $6,500


1955 was a difficult year for Burkhart.  His wife, Mary Ann, was dying of cancer and eventually passed away in October of that year.  As she moved closer to death, Burkhart did his best to get out of the house and paint daily in order to keep his sanity and emotions in check.  This is likely one of the last paintings he created in the days prior to Mary Ann’s passing.  Take notice of the figures who seem oblivious to the ills of the world . . . just interacting in their neighborhood.  This house was unique in its color scheme and attracted the interest of at least one other artist, Roman Johnson, who also painted it around the same time as Burkhart.  

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Burkhart Gallery One

Next to the painting is a rare image of Burkhart as he completed this work.  This is a unique opportunity to see what the artist saw as he composed this fine painting.  The painting is fresh to the market and was purchased by a friend of the artist and passed down to his daughter.  It has never been seen by the public and is now available for the first time and at an exceptional price.

Emerson Burkhart - 'U.S. Capitol - Washington'
Oil on canvas, 32 x 36 inches, signed lower right. Excellent condition.

Burkhart began his global trip as artist-in-residence with the International School of America (ISA) on their first stop in Washington D.C.  During this inaugural trip in 1959, he took time to paint the U.S. Capitol from a vantage point to the northeast of the building.  The dome was undergoing restoration as were some of the grounds around Capitol Hill.  This is a grand portrait of the home of our nation's democratic republic.  The work is presented in its original Burkhart-made frame.

Emerson Burkhart – 'Paris in Spring'

17 1/2 x 24, oil on canvas, signed lower left, "E.B. Paris '60.

Excellent condition $2,995

Burkhart painted in many great cities around the world, including Paris. During his ISA trip to France in 1960, he captured the essence of the city, its hustle and bustle along with the distinctive architecture that is so unique to the French capital.  The work is well balanced and expressive with his bold treatment of the trees and confident handling of the palette knife used to create this wonderful painting.  We have not seen many works produced in France by Burkhart.  Please consider this great painting for your collection. Excellent condition.