Here are several good Burkhart paintings in the Schumacher Gallery at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio.
100 Years of Art: Celebrating Columbus' Legacy - Emerson Burkhart
Here is a great story on Louise Green, who sat for Burkhart many years ago.
Yet another good link to learn about the Central High School mural, 'Music, Drama, Dance'.
Additional information on the mural. 

Emerson Burkhart – 'Corn Picker', 1952, oil on canvas.

From a private collection.

Emerson Burkhart was a regionalist painter who resided on Woodland Avenue in Woodland Park. He threw parties that were reknown citywide among the art community.

Tom Thomson's web pages. Thomson was one of Emerson's closest friends. If you are interested in Burkhart's life, this is certainly worth reading.

Thomson has several excellent Burkhart images in the gallery portion of his web site.

The only play ever written to celebrate the life of Emerson Burkhart is now just a click away. Doral Chenoweth was one of Burkhart's closest friends and has done a wonderful job of bringing Burkhart to life. Long time Columbusites will appreciate the reflections of those whose rememberances of Burkhart add spice to to this great web site.

Good information from the Ohio Historical Society including a brief biography and Burkhart's best known painting of his wife, Mary Ann. 

reflections of an artist

A new exhibit opening Sept. 3, 2014, in the first-floor Spotlight Gallery and third-floor Library Gallery at the Ohio History Center in Columbus features work by 20th-century Ohio artist Emerson Burkhart
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