Emerson Burkhart – 'Sunshine on Mt. Vernon'
1956, oil on wood panel, 10 x 13, signed lower left, "Emerson C. Burkhart". 


What a vibrant, fun interpretation of African Americans going about their daily business. Mt. Vernon Avenue was the focal point of commerce, art and music for the black community during the 1940's and '50's. Exhibited at the Emerson Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition, 1970, at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, (Now the Columbus Museum of Art) 1970, Catalog #87. Very good condition. 

Emerson Burkhart – 'Lexington and Leonard'
1953 verso, oil on canvas board, 9 x 12, signed lower right, "E Burkhart". 

Here is a delightful mid-summer street scene painted by Burkhart in August 1953. The location is noted on the back of the board along with the date. This work is unframed. Very good condition 

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Weaver Gallery Three

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Emerson Burkhart – 'Tilled Farm Field'
1943, oil on canvas, 30 x 36, signed lower right, "Emerson C. Burkhart". 

Although farms and landscapes were a staple of Burkhart's work, this is an interesting example of the field, although the most prominent feature in the painting, taking back stage to the small farming community tucked behind the trees along the horizon. Burkhart invested 16 sessions as noted by the hash marks he painted on the back of the canvas. It is also inscribed in pencil, August 1, 1943. The work is unframed and has light cracking throughout the upper half of the painting. The paint is stable and there are no losses, however the work is in need of cleaning.